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Ambassadors lyrics


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        Ambassadors on their ride /
    while i drive on my blind eye /
    expensive surgeries and balance
    can you drill a 8 inches hole /
    when the hole is your head /
    As the dust settles / drop me in a cab /
    no clothes on / tell 'em my name /
    my name/ is nickles / nickles
    / i'm scattered to the four winds /
    i loved your money / all of your money
    / 'cause it's insane/
    And you linger / through my fingers / buttercloud /
    As my gear / is clear /
    Buttercloud / you're near/ Buttercloud you'reá
    You payed my crimes / a thousand times /
    i'm so sorry for you now /
    stare at the alphabet / letters so different /
    and every inch of ink / that could be dropt on me /
    my soul requires a drink /
    and i'm lucky and i'm young/
    and i'm a newspaper addict,
    i'm a bigcity/

    Goodmornig boulevard/ i can see you smile /
    i can see you lie down on the floor
    with a 40's on your left hand /
    but a big check is comin'/
    i can see it either/ Japanese cars want my soul/
    my dad has a rental and a fake insurance /
    we'll never fill our distance /our distance /
    drop me in a cab/ no clothes on/ tell'em my name
    Ambassadors on their ride/
    while i drive on my blind eye/
    expensive surgeries and balance/
    can you drill an eight inches hole/
    and when the hole is your head/
    as dust settles drop me in a cab/
    no clothes on/ tell 'em my name/
    my name is nickles/ nickles/
    i'm scattered to the four winds/to the four winds/
    i love your money /i love your money /
    cause it's insane/ YO!
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